We could see he had a fantastic time and it's always lovely for us to be able to meet some of his new friends when we drop him off and pick him up again.

 (The Haines Family)




Licence Holder: Puppy Dog Hotel Licence No.: 19/01437/ANIMAL


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Visiting 1 to 1 Training:

We are able to visit client’s homes anywhere within

the UK Mainland to advise them on the correct way

to go about training their dog. Clients find this is

one of the most beneficial services we offer as we

 are able to monitor the dog in its own

environment, by doing this we can quickly advise the owner on where things are going wrong. More often than not it is the owners who require the training more than the dog! This service is excellent for those owners who may be acquiring a dog for the first time; many clients tell us they have learned far more from our visit than attending ‘Group Classes’ for several weeks or even months.

A great way to start training a Dog or Puppy is within  the environment it is used to. This would normally be the family home/garden/local park. Training at  home has the advantage that very often the owner can be trained as well! This is often just as important as training the Dog or Puppy, it's important that the owner understands why we use certain movements and commands. Puppy Dog Hotel visiting 1 to 1 ' Training Session' consists of a full day with one of our trainers in your own home that covers and demonstrates all aspects of training, dietary requirements, health checks, exercise and grooming. This will last several hours and will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and the tools to maintain the skills both you and your dog or puppy will be shown.


Puppy Dog Hotel’s Residential 2 week course is generally enough to teach the Dog/Puppy basics skills to a good level. This would include basic Heel, Automatically sit if you stop to speak with someone, Automatically Sit at the kerb, Automatically sit if you accidentally drop the lead. Go to toilet on command, Stop mouthing, Recall to a prefssional Dog Whistle (see shop), Sitting, Wait, Down, Stand, Fetch, Leave, Not jumping up. We would also get them used to being examined, such as their paws, ears, teeth & gums etc, ideal for Vet visits. Used to grooming. To avoid possible noise phobias (Such as thunder or fireworks) we will gently introduce everyday sounds to the young dog or puppy, (see shop for noise association material). Please note this service is extremely popular and many clients book before their intended puppy has even been born! Please book early for this service.


Dogs and Puppies will be taught to respond to Verbal Commands, Hand Signals & a Professional Dog Whistle (see shop). The hand & whistle commands can be extremely useful. Rather than shouting across a field for example a short blast on the whistle will re-call the dog to you. Remember that once the Dog or Puppy is back with you it requires you to MAINTAIN the commands it has learnt. We will of course provide you with the support and information to enable you to continue this successfully and offer any future advice as required.

Residential Training:

The big advantage with residential training is that we can of course work with the Dog and Puppy constantly throughout the day and evening in short effective bursts.

In reality someone will be with the Dog or Puppy almost constantly. This is the method we use with the UK Assistant Dogs/Puppies. Being able to pick up quickly on both the strong and weak areas of our guests.

Spending 15-20 minutes every hour or so keeps the Dog/Puppy active and interested and keen to learn. On top of this it’s very productive to be able to get a Dog/Puppy to ‘Come’ or simply ‘Sit’ at random times. Toilet training is easier and the Dog or Puppy will soon learn to go to the toilet on command (verbal). Of course every Dog and Puppy is different and some learn certain skills quicker than others so nothing is guaranteed.

This service is extremely popular and has superb results (Click here to read what our clients think), please remember that Puppy Dog Hotel trains dogs and puppies to a very high standard based on our experience with UK Assistance Dogs this is generally a much higher level than puppy classes.

Puppy Dog Hotel does not run group puppy classes as our experience tells us that a small percentage of the puppies and their owners will take up the

Top up Training:

Puppy Dog Hotel understand that many Dogs are generally very well behaved. However they may need a little more work on certain aspects of their training. This may include things like Heel Work, Recall and Jumping Up for example, which are the three issues we are asked to deal with the most. These issues can often be resolved with excellent results over a short period of time. We offer ‘Top up Training’ for Dogs who are staying for Holiday cover.

Behaviour Problems:

Puppy Dog Hotel believe that most Dog and Puppy behavioural problems can simply be corrected by our training methods as supported by our outstanding success record. We are happy to offer advice and consultations as required. We offer trouble shooting for UK Assistance Dogs  whose regular socialisers/trainers were having some problems with the Dog or Puppy. These can include such things as Heel-work, Recall, Jumping up, Toileting, Stealing Food, separation Anxiety, Excessive Barking, Toileting, Aggression, Unable to Socialise with other Dogs etc.

Behaviour issues can come stem from many different scenarios and range from various forms of separation anxiety to various types of aggression. It is without doubt essential to visit the home of a dog with behaviour issues to get a true picture of the problem; quite often the owners are not able to reliably diagnose the cause of the problem. Often dogs will behave completely different within their home environment. It is very important to assess the dog at home with the owners, many behaviour problems are linked to small often very insignificant (to humans) behaviour within the family home and on local walks. Once identified these behaviour issues can be simply altered to dramatically improve the major behaviour issue with a very positive outcome.


A surprising number of Dogs and Puppies can suffer from various phobias. This can be as a result of a previous bad experience. A Phobia can be of almost anything. The most common are noise related like Thunder Storms, Fireworks, and Gunfire. Other noise related Phobias include household appliances like Vacuum Cleaners, Washing Machines etc. Other fear issues include fear of other animals, People, Motorbikes and Cars. Phobias can be treated very successfully using a very gentle, loving and patient approach (see shop for noise association material)

Remember that by using the correct methods and approach nearly all dogs and breeds can be re-trained regardless of age. We have experience in training all types of breeds and ages from Toy breeds to Large Mountain Dogs, from a few weeks of age to those over 10 years of age! Remember that in most instances it is the owners who need training and not the dog! Most behaviour problems for example can be rectified by simply using the correct approach and method.

After our initial assessment we will advise on level of obedience expected and time span required to obtain the desired results, and of course we will show the owner how to maintain the correct behaviour in the future.

For those of you who are unable to visit us personally we now have an Advice & Help Service you can E-mail our help service covering all aspects of dog and puppy care, training and behaviour. One of our experienced trainers will reply, normally within 24 hours, via email and/or telephone (Calls may last up to 45 minutes) costs for this service is £20.00 payable in advanced. To see what some of our previous clients think about our range of first class services, please click on the following link:

Clients References. To access our E-mail advice page covering

Behavioural Issues, Training Methods and of course the general well being and care of your Dog(s) or Puppy(s) Please click here for further details.


The secret of Dog and Puppy training is really little and often. The Dog or Puppy needs to feel the lessons are an exciting fun game for which there are rewards. A bored or tired Dog or Puppy is not eager to follow your instructions. For this reason it is important that we need to ask details when we visit of any previous training under-taken, so part of our visit is spent teaching the owners the correct approach and method. We will ask the owners to demonstrate the procedures they have been using and the Dog or Puppies normal routine. The time starts from arrival and not when we need to start travelling. However, our fees are based upon your Home or Nearby Park (Suitable only for puppies FULLY VACCINATED) etc being WITHIN 3 MILES of Puppy Dog Hotel. (Further distances are subject to an additional mileage charge as laid out in our current price list, Click here to request prices)

When training a Dog or Puppy it is important to keep things EXCITING & FUN. Reward with lots of cheerful voice, stroking and not forgetting lots of hugs and kisses, it’s not just about food treats. Most importantly be patient! Things may be new and strange to a Dog or Puppy. Make it feel secure; NEVER SHOUT or HIT a Dog or Puppy, there really is no need. Don’t be impatient, good training takes time. Hopefully you’re Dog or Puppy will be with you for the

rest of its life, a little time and effort spent now will be more than reaped later.

Keep things quiet when a new puppy or dog first arrives home, despite the temptation to invite all your relatives and neighbours around to see your wonderful cute new family member....DON'T!!! Allow a day or two for the puppy or dog to settle in and become familiar with you and your immediate family and the new surroundings, this will allow the puppy or dog to settle much quicker and in the long run will help with training. Don't forget to take loads of photos and video, that cute little ball of fluff will soon start to grow, most importantly enjoy your new dog or puppy and have fun!

Please note: You should ALWAYS seek professional advice before tackling behaviour issues.

majority of the classes due to their inability to learn at the same pace as everyone else, this is not fair on the other members of the class. However Puppy Dog Hotel suggests that attending regular local puppy classes is an excellent way to start socialising your puppy and therefore we encourage owners to consider this.

Puppy Dog Hotel is accredited by: Chiltern District Council, Pet Industry Federation, Several veterinary Practices across The Home Counties and London, Chiltern Chamber and Buckinghamshire Business First.

Puppy and dog training class sessions are offered to puppies and dogs of all ages and breeds, Puppy Dog Hotel offer various high level training options including residential courses & private 1 to 1 visiting training sessions in your own home and local area, having trained and socialising UK Assistance Dogs and puppies for over fifteen years we offer a very high level of training for clients who want the best for their dog or puppy, our training teaches the puppy or dog to respond to various types of command including voice, hand signals and professional dog whistle, your dog or

puppies training can be tailored to your specific needs but would generally include, sit, stay, lay down, wait, recall, walk to heel (includes your dog/puppy) sitting automatically if you stop to chat with someone, at kerb or if you accidentally drop the lead), feeding routine, grooming, vet check, not jumping up, all our training is carried out using fun, games, praise and reward, we want our canine friends to learn and respond to commands because they want to, not because they are fearful, of course we then train the client too so they have the knowledge to carry on with the training so that they and their dog can enjoy a lifetime together. Many of our clients choose both a Visiting 1-to-1 training day (This is often beneficial in training the dog/puppy and more importantly the owner too!) In addition to the Residential training at Puppy Dog Hotel which incorporates extensive 1-on-1 training with the dog/puppy. All types of Puppy Dog Hotel training is based around love, care, fun, games and reward for the dog/puppy.