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Puppy Dog Hotel is able to offer an e-mail service for clients who require 1 to 1 advice on all things Dog and Puppy related.

This can include issues such as training methods, behaviour problems, car sickness causes and prevention, diet, selecting a puppy, dog development and what equipment should be bought; why one of the most popular dog toys sold should NEVER be given to a dog or puppy.

We are able to answer and advise on all aspects of dog, puppy and domestic pets care, training and behaviour.

How does this service work?

Puppy Dog Hotel will send an e-mail reply and a relevant member of staff from the Puppy Dog Hotel may also telephone you FREE of charge to discuss the problem and solutions/advice with you. Telephone calls will be to UK Mainline phones only; we will not call a mobile number.

Each call will last a maximum of 45 minutes and will cover the one query raised only.

How much is this service?
We are offering this service at a rate of £50.00 per query which will include an e-mail and/or FREE personal 1 to 1 telephone reply (up to 45 minutes in length). This offers excellent value for money to get the correct information from very experienced professionals.

Payment must be made via PayPal or Bank Transfer prior to an answer by one of our team is provided. Please note: 10% of these payments will be donated to a dog charity or rescue centre.

How do I pay?
You can decide how to pay; either via Bank Transfer or via PayPal upon receiving an emailed invoice from us which we will send you upon completion of your request (via form).

You DO NOT have to have a paypal account to make a payment. If you prefer you can make a secure immediate payment by clicking on the following paypal link.

If we cannot help you will not be charged.

Please Note: Puppy Dog Hotel does not give advice on veterinary advice and if your dog, puppy or pet is ill please seek veterinary advice.

When will I receive my advice?
Although this does depend on which member of staff needs to contact you we can generally arrange a time to suit you for example: Morning, Afternoon or Evening up to 8pm, usually within 24 hours of receiving payment

(Excludes Bank Holidays and Christmas.)

What can be covered by this service?
Puppy Dog Hotel can cover all topics regarding your dog/puppy or domestic pet, except those where veterinary advice should be sought. Below are just a few of the queries we are often asked about: training methods, training problems such as jumping up, poor recall, heelwork, pawing, barking, behaviour problems, travel sickness prevention, phobias, selecting a new dog/puppy or domestic, equipment to buy and things you should NEVER buy,

diet, what everyday foods are harmful/toxic for your dog or puppy, flea and worming advice, pet passports, emergency first aid (Always consult a Vet immediately if you think your dog or puppy is ill), dog/puppy has bad breath; what could this mean? Vaccinations, when should this be done and should a kennel cough vaccination be included? My puppy keeps mouthing (Play biting) how can I stop this, My dog has separation anxiety how can I start to address this, Is my bitch coming into season and what are the signs and implications? My query is not listed here? It would not be practical to list all the problems or queries clients have here, please e-mail your query via our form, if we cannot help you will not be charged.

How to Submit Advice Form
When filling in the form please complete all the required fields. We will never pass your details to a third party. Please remember we
will not call Mobile Phone numbers, 0845 or any premium rate numbers. Please remember this is a chance to receive first class advice at a very low charge, as such only ONE query/question will be addressed for each payment. If you would like to submit your question or query simply Click Here

Email Advice

Puppy Dog Hotel is accredited by: Chiltern District Council, Pet Industry Federation, Several veterinary Practices across The Home Counties and London, Chiltern Chamber and Buckinghamshire Business First.