We could see he had a fantastic time and it's always lovely for us to be able to meet some of his new friends when we drop him off and pick him up again.

 (The Haines Family)




Licence Holder: Puppy Dog Hotel Licence No.: 19/01437/ANIMAL


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Since October 2018 it has been a legal

requirement that all animal related

businesses/activities (Animal boarding,

Animal home boarding, dog day care, animal

breeding, selling animal as pets, performing

animals, hiring out horses,) are licensed under the Animal Activities Act 2018. Puppy Dog Hotel has been awarded the highest possible FIVE STAR rating by Chiltern District Council and DEFRA under this act for providing a superb range of high quality professional luxury services including overnight boarding to cover holiday and business trips, day care, residential training, 1 to 1 visiting training, puppy classes and socialisation, dog walking, puppy visits, luxury high end pet taxi, home pet visits for most domesticated pets including cat, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds etc, a professional service providing love, care and over 30 years of experience of pet care, Owned and run by very experienced UK Assistance Dog Trainers and Socialisers, Fully licensed under the Animal Activities Licence act required by DEFRA and Chiltern District Council.

This will carry much stronger penalties for both owners and those offering these services who are not licensed and not adhering to the new legislation.

To read the full regulations covering all animals click here.

If you have any concerns about individuals offering these services that do not appear to have a license, please contact Chiltern District Council Licensing Department (01494 729 000) in complete confidence.

Please help protect our pets. Thank you.

To see what some of our clients think about our premier 5* service, click here.

Latest News

If you have any dog or puppy news or upcoming events that you would like us to add to this page free of charge please contact us with details and we will gladly try and add the details for you.

Could you own a Puppy Dog Hotel?
Puppy Dog Hotel has now started offering franchises across the UK. Puppy Dog Hotel offers: Home Based, Low start up costs, High profitability, Full training, ongoing support, Wonderful lifestyle,

Puppy Dog Hotel Premier Home Pet Visiting Service

Now Available!

In addition to our range of first class dog boarding and training services Puppy Dog Hotel are now offering ‘Home Visits’ during the day for your pets. This service includes Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters (Syrian, Russian etc), Gerbils, Rats, Mice, Birds (Budgies, Canaries, Finches, Parakeets, Parrots etc), Amphibians (Terrapins, Newts etc), Tortoise, Chinchillas, Chipmunks.

This service is ideal for clients who need to consider their pets needs whilst on holiday or have to be out for the day or for an extended period of time to cover things such as Work, Hospital Appointments, Business Appointments, Weddings, Funerals, Family get together or even extended shopping trips!

Puppy Dog Hotel range of first class home services can be used on a regular basis or in the event of an emergency and are now available.

 Prices from just £9.00!

Click Here for further details or give us a call 01494 771493

WARNING: Please Check!!!
We are frequently made aware of the condition and injurys of dogs returning from ‘unlicensed dog sitters/boarders’ by both dogs owners and officials. We always advise callers that they should check with the local authority if a person/home has been licensed, if it has you will know that certain minimum conditions must be met.

Puppy Dog Hotel does not use any third party ‘Boarders or Host families’ like many pet boarding businesses do. These boarders or host families are often unlicensed, which maybe a criminal offence. At Puppy Dog Hotel your dog will stay with and be cared for by us at all times, and of course as you would expect from the UK’s Leading Boarding and Visiting Pet Care Service we are fully licensed and insured.

Puppy Dog Hotel has always been licensed by Chiltern District Council, you can check this on their website or by telephone 01494 729000 and ask for ‘Animal Licensing’ they will be very happy to advise you whether a ‘Home Boarding Licence’ is held by the home boarder in question. You should also check with the local authority how many dogs the home boarder is licensed to care for.

Puppy Dog Hotel understands that leaving your loved pet with us is a big decision and you trust us to give the love and care your pet would get from you, due to demand we have to disappoint hundreds of owners each year but our advice to those we talk to is ALWAYS check whether other home boarders have a licence, in Counties where a licence is required it is an offence to board dogs or puppies without it and you are committing a criminal offence by doing so. So although we say it repeatedly on the phone and throughout this website PLEASE CHECK it may save you much heartache.

Puppy Dog Hotel has some tips on ‘What to look for’ on our Q&A page, again reading it may save you and your dog/puppy distress in the future. To go to our Q&A page please CLICK HERE

If you are aware of an establishment offering any ‘Home Boarding Services’ within the Chiltern District Council area please contact the Animal Licensing Department on 01494 729000 any information supplied will be treated in strict confidence.

Some of our clients have sent us information about this. There have been reported cases of anti-freeze being placed in bowls and some chicken soaked in antifreeze which has been placed around the Ruislip area, especially near the Lido. Unfortunately several dogs have already died as a result of this. Please be vigilant when walking your dog.

Remember NEVER let your dog eat or drink anything on a walk, especially puddle/rain water. Please share this to avoid any more dogs dying and any more heartache!

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Exciting new Consummate V.I.P service with only ONE space now available to Puppy Dog Hotel.

Puppy Dog Hotel offers a superb premier service for our canine guests that we believe cannot be bettered anywhere else. Sadly we disappoint hundreds of clients every year as we are fully booked. Resulting in worry and heartache from owners and dogs alike, that cannot receive the love, care and experience that Puppy Dog Hotel offer.

We are now offering this exciting

Consummate V.I.P service whereby a

space is reserved for your dog 365

days a year, this means no more

disappointment, worrying about

leaving your dog when you away

on holiday or business trips.

We can even pick your dog up and

bring it back for you in our luxury

limousine (Included in the price.

Anywhere in the UK up to 1000 Miles per annum). This service offers a complete V.I.P experience that can be tailored for you and your beloved dogs requirements. To see the full range of benefits that the Consummate V.I.P service can offer you and your dog click here.

Why not visit our new website puppydoghotelphotography.com to view some images covering Dogs, Pets, Landscapes, Sunsets, and Wildlife etc. Images are available in a full range of media including: Professionally printed Prints, Canvas Prints, Mounted Prints, Acrylics, Albums, Photo File Disc, Media licensing etc. All types of private and commercial commissions considered at your own home or preferred locations. To enquire about booking your own private session covering: pets, family, portfolios, commercial, products, advertising, and landscapes.

Private Professional Photography Commissions at your home or choice of UK location:

Many clients comment on and purchase photos from their dog/puppy (‘Photo’# shoot) holiday at Puppy Dog Hotel. Our photographer is a member of the Royal Photographic Society and an award winning photographer.

Our photographer maybe able to offer his services for free to charities – good causes etc.  #Guests staying at least 7 consecutive nights, does not include any prints. This is a complimentary service and not charged for and is subject to equipment availability and weather conditions.

Potential to earn in excess of £40,000+ per annum. Interested? APPLY HERE If you feel you have what it takes to own a Puppy Dog Hotel offering love, care and a first class service and become part of Puppy Dog Hotel's extended family. Puppy Dog Hotel the UK's leading home boarding and visiting pet care service.