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Hearing Dogs for Deaf people

Puppy Dog Hotel are pleased to help promote and support UK Assistance Dog Charities.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a registered charity which selects and trains dogs to respond to specific sounds which hearing people often take for granted, such as the alarm clock, doorbell, baby cry, telephone and smoke alarm.

Instead of barking, the dogs alert the deaf

person by touch, using a paw to gain attention

and then leading them back to the sound source.

For sounds such as the smoke alarm and fire

alarm, the dogs will lie down to indicate danger.

Whenever possible, the dogs are selected from rescue centres, but they are also donated by breeders and members of the public, with the remainder coming from the Charity’s own breeding scheme. The size and breed of dog is usually unimportant but every dog selected must be between seven weeks and three years old with an excellent temperament and a willingness to please.

The practical value is obvious, but the therapeutic value should not be underestimated. Among reported benefits, many recipients find their increased confidence and independence encourages them to go out and participate in activities which they previously avoided.

Applicants must be 18 years of age or over, have a severe or profound hearing loss and need some form of assistance to make them aware of household sounds. Hearing dogs are free to deaf applicants.

The Charity has placed 1500 hearing dogs around the country since its inception in 1982 and has two training centres in the UK. Each dog is supported by a group, company or individual, happy to raise the £5,000 needed for its training and ongoing aftercare – which can be broken into two parts of £2,500. The Charity receives no government funding, and relies solely on donations from the general public.

If you would like to apply for a hearing dog, sponsor a dog, donate a dog, volunteer to help or for more information about the Charity, please telephone

01844 348100 or fax 01844 348101

email info@hearingdogs.org.uk or

visit our website www.hearingdogs.org.uk

Please consider helping and supporting this worthwhile Charity by contacting them using one of the details supplied above. Alternatively please contact us at the Puppy Dog Hotel and we will gladly give you details on how to contact Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Thank you.

PLEASE consider helping this superb charity by offering your services in some way or by making a donation...even small amounts can make a huge difference. Thank you.

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Puppy Dog Hotel is accredited by: Chiltern District Council, Pet Industry Federation, Several veterinary Practices across The Home Counties and London, Chiltern Chamber and Buckinghamshire Business First.