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Licence Holder: Puppy Dog Hotel Licence No.: 19/01437/ANIMAL


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We have been involved with dogs and puppies for well over thirty years, in addition we have as a family socialised and provided the initial training and socialisation for puppies for a major UK Assistance Dogs charity for over fifteen years. We take the puppies full time into our home at a young age, normally from 10-12 weeks. We also have older puppies up to 5-6 months of age which were donated or rescued by the UK Assistance Dog charity.


Toileting on command (verbal command), Heel work (incorporates sitting when stopping and sitting if lead is accidentally dropped), Sitting (Verbal and/or hand command), Lay Down (Verbal and/or hand command), Waiting for feed (Verbal and/or hand command), Releasing Items (Verbal command) , Stay (Verbal and/or hand command), Fetch (Verbal command), Come/Re-call (Whistle, Verbal and/or hand command), Not Jumping Up, Sitting at kerb, Grooming, Vet Checks, Socialising People/Children, Socialising Other pets, Travel in Car/Public Transport, Visiting Shops, association with everyday noises (Washing machine, hoovers, traffic etc...) (see shop for noise association material.)

Reacting to every day sounds within the home.*

*Not Smoke Detector Alarms.

We have also taken UK Assistance Dog puppies

 for a few weeks to ‘Iron out’ small problems that

their regular full time socialisers were having

problems with. The pass rate is generally 1 in 5

due to the extremely high level required. To date

ALL our full term puppies passed and are now fully

qualified Registered UK Assistance Dogs helping

their recipients to lead an easier happier life!

The methods we use to train both UK Assistance Dogs & Puppies and Private Clients Dogs and Puppies is to keep lessons fun and playful with cheerful excited voice and big cuddles along with a tasty treat now and again as a reward. This keeps the Dog or Puppy keen to learn and please whilst enjoying the playful fun of a new game. Dogs and Puppies are trained little and often and should never be forced to continue with training if they are becoming tired, remember to allow them their own space and time. Most of all be patient, many things are new to a young dog or puppy.

We are not your average home boarder:

We are not your average home boarder, we have over 30 years experience in dealing with dogs, puppies and domestic pets and with over 15 years experience as UK Assistance Dog trainers and socialisers.

We are therefore able to offer advice on all aspects of training and behaviour for dogs and puppies, whether this be via a residential visit to the Puppy Dog Hotel or a 1 to 1 visit at your home, we have excellent knowledge on the general well-being and health of dogs and puppies and often advise clients accordingly. This knowledge also enables us to advise clients on a dog or puppies dietary needs including supplements and weight loss programs, feeding young dogs or puppies and feeding requirements for older dogs, development of skeletal and muscular of young dog and puppies.  

In addition to this we offer various Service Levels and options for your dog or puppy to stay with us at the Puppy Dog Hotel. To request an information ‘pack’ with details on our premier services and prices please click here. If requested before 3pm the pack normally posted first class the same day, resulting in our details usually being received in 1- 2 working days.  

Our first class range of services, knowledge, approach and more importantly the love and care we offer our clients dogs or puppies makes the Puppy Dog Hotel the UK's premier home boarding service, to read what some of our current clients think simply Click Here.

Emergency First Aid Course:
Staff have attended and completed an Emergency First Aid course for Dogs. This involves such issues as Resuscitation, Road Traffic Accidents, Fractures, Wound dressing, and Choking etc. Although we hope we never need to use these skills it is obviously beneficial to know how to do so correctly should the need arise.

About Us

The puppy’s extensive training all revolves around aspects of ending up with a well balanced and happy dog. We train the puppies to respond to Voice Commands, Hand Signals & a Professional Dog Whistle of a particular pitch (see shop), each have there benefits. The main obedience areas covered for puppies & young dogs are:

Puppy Dog Hotel is accredited by: Chiltern District Council, Pet Industry Federation, Several veterinary Practices across The Home Counties and London, Chiltern Chamber and Buckinghamshire Business First.