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Puppy Dog Hotel offers a superb premier service for our canine guests that we believe cannot be bettered anywhere else; our reputation has attracted clients from across the United Kingdom and internationally including the United States and Europe to allow their precious pets to be welcomed into our family and to enjoy the love, care, knowledge and first class service offered by Puppy Dog Hotel.

Sadly due to the popularity of Puppy Dog Hotel we have to disappoint over 400 requests to care for client’s dogs each year as we are already fully booked for the dates the clients require. On average we are generally booked between 12-18 months in advance for some dates. Our clients range from all walks of life including high profile CEO’s and celebrities. Some of our clients require their treasured pet to be cared for at short notice, for a few days care and sometimes for prolonged periods of time, this may be due to holiday or business commitments. Unfortunately due to the popularity of Puppy Dog Hotel this has not always been possible, over the years several clients had asked about the possibility of being able to book their dog in at short notice whenever they needed, with the introduction of Puppy Dog Hotel Consummate V.I.P Service this now become a possibility.

This desirable Puppy Dog Hotel Consummate V.I.P. Service is now available, please contact us for availability and to discuss your requirements. Minimum period of service is one year.

The benefits of the Consummate Service could include, but can be tailored to your requirements:

       Christmas dinner with seasonal vegetables

       and a splash of homemade Turkey gravy

       for guests booked in Christmas day

       (If allowed!!!).

       requirements such as visiting; a dog spa for

       grooming and treatments and pampering *

       (hydro-therapy and massage etc.),

       veterinary practice for health checks,

       routine procedures.***

       Sourcing dogs personal items such as selecting bespoke collars clothing.***

All of the above is of course in addition to the high level of love and care all our fabulous canine friends enjoy and as you would expect during their holidays at Puppy Dog Hotel as they love the rolling fields, sweeping meadows and enchanted woodland walks and of course playing with our other wonderful guests too.  Puppy Dog Hotel is owned and run by very experienced UK Assistance Dog

Trainers and Socialisers with over Thirty

years’ experience of loving, caring  and

training for our canine friends of all sizes

from tiny breeds such as Chihuahua’s,

Maltese and Yorkshire Terriers to large

breeds such as Great Dane’s, Leonberger’s

and Pyrenean Mountain Dogs.

Please remember that the Consummate V.I.P. Service with guaranteed space availability for your dog(s) 365 days a year is currently available. For further details and to check whether our first class premier service is what you and your dog(s) are looking for and to see if this opportunity is still available to you and your dog(s). We look forward to welcoming you and your dog(s) into the extended family of Puppy Dog Hotel.

Period of Consummate V.I.P. Service is for one calendar year and subject to assessment and the normal Terms and Conditions of booking by Puppy Dog Hotel.


Puppy Dog Hotel is licensed by Chiltern District Council.  


*Additional charges apply for each additional dog.

** Limited to 1000 miles per year, additional mileage subject to our luxury limousine travel charges and usual booking terms. Service may not be available during Christmas Day, Boxing Day, or proprietors holiday period and is subject to vehicle availability.

*** Additional charges apply

**** Subject to available Internet or phone connections

“Thank you all for providing Lajos and Purdie with a 5 star holiday.” (Jenny & Frank)

Giving you and your beloved dog the perfect and complete premier pet holiday and pet concierge service.

Request a call back:Please provide your Name, Postcode, Contact Number and preferred day and time of a call from a member of Puppy Dog Hotel to discuss your requirements, our consumate V.I.P  service and availability. Thank You. Please Call Me

Puppy Dog Hotel is accredited by: Chiltern District Council, Pet Industry Federation, Several veterinary Practices across The Home Counties and London, Chiltern Chamber and Buckinghamshire Business First.

Puppy Dog Hotel Consummate Bespoke VIP Service is for clients who need regular and/or prolonged periods of boarding for their dog due to business and or holiday commitments and may need cover and collection at very short notice. Our VIP service provides a guaranteed space 365 days a year. This prestigious service can be tailored to a client’s needs and is available from anywhere in the UK. Please call to check availability and to discuss your personal requirements.




Licence Holder: Puppy Dog Hotel Licence No.: 19/01437/ANIMAL