“A great relief to find somewhere which is home from home when we have to leave them.” (Sally)




Licence Holder: Puppy Dog Hotel Licence No.: 19/01437/ANIMAL


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Important note:
Puppy Dog Hotel always suggests clients find other suitable home boarding services as we tend to get booked and cannot always guarantee that we will be available, however PLEASE take the time to read this page carefully it may save you and your dog or puppy much heartache, unfortunately we hear some terrible stories.

A: We have been involved with dogs and puppies for over thirty years ranging from small Toy Dogs like the Maltese, Pugs and Chihuahua to the large and giant breeds such Pyrenean Mountain Dogs and Great Danes.

Q: Why should I choose Puppy Dog Hotel?

A: Puppy Dog Hotel is first and foremost a loving family home that strives to

offer our wonderful canine guests a loving and caring home from home service and a fantastic holiday. Puppy Dog Hotel clients are quite simply looking for the very best for their dog(s) or puppy. Our range of superb first class services which we believe cannot be bettered anywhere else. We are trained in emergency first aid for dogs, and have specialists in Training, Behaviour, Dietary needs and all aspects of the care and requirements of dog(s) and puppy(s).

Puppy Dog Hotel is ACCREDITED by Chiltern District Council, Pet Industry Federation, Several Veterinary Practices across the Home Counties and London, Chiltern Chamber and Buckinghamshire Business First. Puppy Dog Hotel is FULLY Licensed by Chiltern District Council, and are Vet checked.

Most of our business stems from word of mouth and current client recommendations, our clients are based across the UK and stem from all walks of life. Finally the most    important reason you should choose Puppy Dog Hotel is that your dog(s) would                   pick the best if they had a choice!

Q: What experience do you have with Dogs or Puppies?

Q: Do you offer any 'Home' visits for dogs or other domestic pets?

A: Yes we do, in addition to our range of first class dog   boarding and training services Puppy Dog Hotel offers premier ‘Home Visits’ during the day for your pets. This service includes Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters (Syrian, Russian etc), Gerbils, Rats, Mice, Birds (Budgies, Canaries, Finches, Parakeets, Parrots etc), Amphibians (Terrapins, Newts etc), Tortoise, Chinchillas, Chipmunks. This service is ideal for clients who need to consider their pets needs who are on holiday or have to be out for the day or for an extended period of time to cover things such as Work, Hospital Appointments, Business Appointments, Weddings, Funerals, Family get together or even extended shopping trips! Puppy Dog Hotel range of first class home services can be used on a regular basis or in the event   of an emergency.

Q: Do you offer a dog walking service?

A: Yes we do, however we ONLY provide a premier dog walking service.

What does this mean?

Puppy Dog Hotel only allows our staff to walk a maximum of two dogs at a time (After all they only have two hands), this allows the handler to have control of the dogs in their care. Many other 'Dog Walking' services walk multiple dogs at a time to keep costs low, sometimes walking 3-6 dogs per handler and sometimes even more! Puppy Dog Hotel consider this practice unsafe for both our staff and the dogs in their care. Another reason Puppy Dog Hotel does not 'Group' walk dogs like many other dog walking services is that often your dog will spend a considerable amount of time in a crate in the back of a car/van whilst the other dogs due to go on the walk are collected or returned to their home, again Puppy Dog Hotel feel this is not acceptable. The ‘normal’ walks last between 45-60 minutes depending on whether we need to dry your dog(s) (during wet weather for example). Our service is bespoke meaning that we will cater the terrain and  length of the work to your dog(s) needs and if need be can spend  the time at your home with   for example a young puppy or elderly/ill dog that just requires love, care and of course a big hug!

Q: Do I need to book in advance?

A: Normally Yes. This is due to our long experience and expertise we are generally very busy. However, it’s always worth a call to check. Puppy Dog Hotel does very little advertising as most of our new clients stem from personal recommendations from our current clients, veterinary Surgeries, groomers, pet shops and national animal charities to name a few. Our clients come from across England and Wales, several travelling several hundred miles to use our services.

Puppy Dog Hotel ALWAYS assesses the dogs in its care prior to taking any booking from a new client; whether it be for walking or boarding. Once we have assessed your dog(s) and you have had the opportunity to check us out too and all parties are happy we can then take and secure dates to care for you dog(s). Many of our clients do this before they require dates which enables us to care for the dog(s) in an emergency - subject to space.

    To check availability please visit our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Q: Where can I find your current price list?

A: Due to the large range of options and premier services offered by Puppy Dog Hotel we do not give our prices on our website or via phone or email. However, to receive our full information and current price list via post please complete this form.

Puppy Dog Hotel Prices start from just £9.00!

Q: Does My Dog / Puppy need to be vaccinated?

A: Yes. All Dogs & Puppies must be fully vaccinated including Kennel Cough before they stay. Dogs or puppies may visit for assessment without having had a kennel cough vaccination. In addition dogs/puppies do not have to have had a kennel cough  vaccination for us to walk them  or carry  out a home visit.

Q: Can I visit before deciding to use you?

A: Yes. In fact we always insist on meeting to assess the dog(s)/puppy before making any commitment.

During the assessment you will have the chance to see how relaxed and happy your dog(s)/puppy will be in our home. It is important to us that you are confident that we not only have the knowledge and experience you would expect but we will also love and care for your dog as though it were our own. The main purpose of the assessment is that before your dog(s)/puppy becomes part of our extended family you have the chance   to  check us out too!

Q: Is every home boarder licensed & insured?

A: No, you should check this before booking and insist on seeing the license & insurance details,

remember it is a criminal offence not to have a license in most counties across the UK. Always insist on visiting and entering the boarder’s home prior to booking. If a home boarder or Home Boarding Service will

not let you see where your dog(s) or puppy is going to stay there may be a reason why they do not want you to see where you’re dog(s) or puppy is going to be! A good tip is to ring the local Council to ask if the person/premises are really licensed. It’s very easy to download FAKE LICENCES from the Internet and this is something we have heard about. Licensed home boarders must have insurance and meet numerous safety requirements and stipulations as part of their licensing conditions.

They will normally be visited at least twice a year by the licensing authority to make sure standards of care and hygiene are maintained. A good home boarding service will ALWAYS insist on meeting you and you Dog or   Puppy. You can check that we are fully licensed by ringing Chiltern District Council on 01494 729000 and     asking for the licensing department or visit your local authority’s website and it is also VERY important to        ask how many and the types of dogs they are licensed to board.

Q: If the home boarder I have chosen is not licensed and insured would I be liable if something went wrong during my dog(s) holiday or home pet visit?

A: You may well be as you have employed the home boarder

to care for your dog(s) or pet(s) during a holiday or home visit

and you may therefore be liable for any costs or liabilities incurred,

you should realise that costs or liabilities could be substantial.

Q: Are all home boarders suitable to look after my type of dog?

A: This is something you need to consider carefully when you meet the home boarder. Some may have a problem with the sheer size of a large breed for example. Many home boarders will not accept an intact male for instance or puppies under 6 months of age, bitches in season or due to come into season. Many licensed home boarders are governed by the licence restrictions on mixing dogs/puppies that fall into these previous three categories. Due to our long experience, general knowledge and expertise of dog(s)/puppies these restrictions    have been lifted by our licensing authority.

Q: Will my dog or puppy stay with you or will you place it with another home boarder during its stay?

A: We NEVER use any host  families (often not licensed) like many other boarders. Your dog or puppy will only ever stay with us, it is very important to us that your dog or puppy will receive only the best care available and be loved as though it were our own, we could not guarantee this if the dog or puppy were placed with a third party. Therefore we do not use a Host Family/‘Third Party’ as many dog/puppy ‘Home’ boarding services do, many host family/third party home boarders are simply not licensed to operate and often do not have the experience and knowledge required to offer a loving and safe environment for your pet. Many do not ask that your dog(s) or puppy is fully vaccinated, this includes a Kennel Cough Vaccination (legally required). If they are not asking you they are not asking anyone else; this puts your dog(s)/puppy at substantial increased risk of catching a transferable illness such as Kennel Cough - which can be caught in a park!

Many pet sitting services state that your dog or puppy may be placed with various home boarders during their stay. To keep moving a dog?Puppy between different ‘homes’ during its holiday is not an ideal situation. Unfortunately we hear some very distressing cases of dogs and puppies that have been left with unlicensed home boarders and we feel strongly that ALL home boarders should be licensed.

 Please remember our two main pieces of advice is ALWAYS visit where your dog or puppy will be staying    and ALWAYS ring the relevant local Council to check the premises are licensed, even if you see a license

      (it may be a fake license), this may save you and your pet much heartache.

Q: What happens if the local Council find out that my dog is staying with an unlicensed home boarder?

A: It is a legal requirement in most UK Counties that home boarders are to be licensed,

if they are not they would be committing a criminal offence and under the Animal Welfare Act (2006) you,

the owner may be committing a criminal offence too.

The first thing to consider from your point of view is the welfare of your dog(s)/puppy and that they will be safe, loved and cared for where ever you chose to leave them. Secondly, that any third party insurance that an unlicensed home boarder may have in place might be invalid as many policies state in the small print that the premises must be licensed in accordance with local authority

regulations under the 1963 Animal Boarding Act.

More importantly from a clients point of view is that their dog or puppy

may be removed from the premises and placed in a kennel until the

owner returns, this of course can be very  distressing for the

dog(s)/puppy and the owner. The council have a duty to the local tax

payers to keep costs as low as possible; this will often means the

  council have to place he dog/puppy in the cheapest kennels they can


Q: Can all home boarders look after my elderly dog?

A: Of course this answer is very similar to the one above

for puppies. It is just as important that a home boarder is aware of any conditions an older dog may have. They may require less exercise for example. They may not be able to digest large amounts of food at one go and as a result require several small feeds throughout the day. They may require various medications that are given at regular intervals. It is very important that you make a home boarder aware of any such requirements and ask if they can accommodate them. It would be very unfair for example to put two young excitable and playful dogs with a much older dog that has severe or restricted mobility due to arthritis. Although they can still enjoy   some playtime with   hugs and kisses too, just more gently!

Q: Can all home boarders administer medicines and treatments for example?

A: Many home boarders are more than capable and happy to administer any medication required by your

dog or puppy. However you should check before hand if your dog/puppy has a complex condition that requires accurate and numerous medications. Would the home boarder feel both capable and confident of providing this? Can they inject Insulin in to a dog with diabetes for example? Check if there are any extra charges for administering medication

We are very happy and experienced to carry out any medication routine that is required, and providing you   supply the required medication there are no further charges.

Q: The home boarder has not asked me whether my dog/puppy is vaccinated and they have not asked whether my dog is vaccinated against kennel cough. They have not asked whether my dog has been treated regularly for fleas and wormed. Does this matter?

A: Yes it does. All licensed home boarders have a legal obligation to take copies of all up to date vaccinations including kennel cough. They should also ask when your dog/puppy was last routinely treated for fleas and wormed. Remember that if you not being asked this the chances are other dog’s owners are not being asked! This puts your dog/puppy at an unacceptable risk that could lead to serious health issues not to mention a costly Vet bill.

Q: Can all home boarders look after a puppy or young dog?

A: Most home boarders are willing to take on a puppy or young dog and most will undoubtedly try their

 best to provide the best care. However a puppy or young dog’s needs are very different than that of an older dog for example. Puppies are most impressionable up to the age of 16 weeks, so what the puppy learns up to week 16 is VERY important as commands and handling etc can be imprinted into the puppy’s way of thinking. It is also extremely important with puppies and young dogs to take into account both their skeletal and muscular development; this is very important to make sure a puppy or young dog receives the correct amount of exercise. Very often puppies and young dogs require more feeds for example, it is important that the feeding regime is maintained and MORE importantly the puppy or young dog is fed the correct way, doing this teaches the puppy/young dog various commands such as recall, sitting, waiting, leaving along with establishing your position as pack leader etc. All these commands can be emphasised and taught to the puppy/young dog with the simple act of feeding if done correctly. Due to our very long experience with training and socialising puppies and young dogs for a major UK Assistance Dog Charity we specialise in the care and training if required of puppies and young dogs, although of course we do have dogs of all ages    and even a few pensioners who stay with us for their holidays!

         We have trained and socialised Puppies and young Dogs for a leading

 UK Assistance Dog Charity for over 15 years with great success. We do not charge the charity for boarding/training etc and never will. We think ALL Dog & Puppy Charities, from Assistance Dogs, to Rescue Centres and those offering Medical help all do a FANTASTIC job that is often very hard work. Our own work with the Assistance Dog Charities and other dog related charities is ongoing into the foreseeable future. We have recently started adding leaflets to our own information packs on behalf of the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Guide Dogs, Dogs for Good and The Dog's Trust, and other national Animal/Dog related Charities again we are very happy to do this and make no charge to the charity.

We also have experience of domestic pets for over twenty years, due to our involvement with the retail pet trade and industry.

          You should obtain further advice regarding this if you have any doubts as to whether the home     boarder has a valid license and insurance, as many home and pet policies will not cover you if the dog   has been left with a third party or involves a pet visit from a third party. Some insurance policies are    not valid unless the policy holder holds the relevant licenses to operate the business.

Special Note:

Sadly we hear very distressing stories of dog(s) and puppies loosing an eye being kept in poor conditions and even loosing their life's. Remember our canine friends cannot pick up the phone and complain.

If you are aware of an unlicensed establishment offering any ‘Home Boarding Services’ or have any concerns about anyone looking after dogs, puppies or pets within the Chiltern District Council or Buckinghamshire area please contact the Animal Licensing Department on 01494 729000 or the local district council, any information supplied will be treated in strict confidence. Your call may help protect a dog in the future.

Similarly if you are aware of any ‘Home Boarding Service’ in any County that is not licensed please help protect our pets by contacting the local authority to check whether a licence should be in force. Please remember your call may save a dog, puppy or pets life and prevent suffering and much heart ache for the owners. Thank You.

Q: So what are the main tips you would give when selecting a home boarding service?

A: Firstly ALWAYS visit the home and go inside! Are the premises reasonably clean and well

maintained? Is the garden secure, does it have the correct height fencing for example? You should be

shown a current and valid licence and insurance certificates. Always check with the local council whether the premises are licensed to board dogs/puppies.

Puppy Dog Hotel does not use any third party ‘Boarders or Host families’ like many home boarders do, these boarders or host families are often unlicensed, this is a criminal offence. At Puppy Dog Hotel your dog will stay with and be cared for by us at all times, and of course as you would expect from the UK’s Premier Home Boarding, Training and Visiting Home Pet Care Service we are fully licensed and insured.

Check (ask to see the policies) whether the boarder has any liability/Veterinary health insurance in place. Do they have smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarm, first aid kit for both humans and a seperate one for dogs, does the garden gate have a key lock on it? Ask what experience they have for your breed/age of dog puppy (This is extremely important with puppies, young dogs, elderly or dogs with special requirements). Ask what Veterinary Surgery they are registered with for 24 hour emergency care. Ask how many dogs they are licensed to board at any one time - along with any dogs for a ‘day-care service’. Where will your dog stay during the day/night? How many walks will your dog have and for how long. What would they do in the   event of an emergency with your dog for example? Make notes before you visit and ask as many questions     as you want. And probably the best advice of all is if your dog does not seem relaxed and happy during         the visit or if things simply just do not feel right then go with your instinct!

Q: I am disappointed that you are fully booked; can you suggest another home boarding service?

A: Yes we are happy to pass on the details of other licensed home boarding services if we cannot accommodate the dates you require.

Q: I am please to have found you. Will you agree to have my Dog or Puppy every time I need you?

A: Many of our guests do stay with us regularly and have been visiting Puppy Dog Hotel for their holidays since the business began in 2008. However, although we would love to have the same Dogs or Puppies every time their owners require our premier services this is not always possible because of our high demand. *** Most of our clients do book their dog(s)/puppy in for their holidays well in advanced to secure their dates. However, it is always worth a call to check availability as due to the fact that clients do book so far in advanced things can change and we do get cancellations from time to time. We always suggest that our clients find an alternative licensed home boarder who may be able to help when we are fully booked. ***See Consummate VIP section (bottom of page) which allows you Dog/Puppy 365 day access when required, plus many other     exclusive benefits.

Q: Can you recommend a kennel where I could leave my dog or puppy?

A: Sorry we simply do not feel able to recommend any kennels at all. Whether it is a traditional kennels or a glorified shed, they are still kennels which means the dog or puppy will not have the freedom of a house and more importantly constant human contact that they are used to at home.

Q: Do you ever refuse to have a dog staying in your home?

A: Although this happens very rarely we do advise some clients that we cannot accept their Dogs for boarding. This would be because the Dog is on the Dangerous Dogs Register or is aggressive towards other Dogs and Puppies or has severe behavioural problems. We always have to think about the well being and safety of ALL the dogs and puppies in our care and would never knowingly put any dog or puppy staying with us at risk of injury. Puppy Dog Hotel can though offer clients with aggressive Dogs / behavioural problems advice and training on rectifying the problem and offer a 1 to 1 visiting service if required. We would advise prospective clients during the assessment that we feel that we are unable to accommodate their

 dog(s)/puppy or add them to our client list.

Q: Do I have to pay a fee to visit for an assessment?

A: No, this is free. Many clients tell us that they felt very anxious about whether their dog(s) would meet the criteria to stay at Puppy Dog Hotel, however the assessment is just an informal visit that allows us all to meet and go on a short walk before returning to the house. This allows you to check us out, see where your dog(s)/puppy will be staying during its holiday, check our licence and insurance details and ask as many questions as you want. We do have various collection boxes from time to time for various dog/animal charities at Puppy Dog Hotel and you are welcome to make a small donation if you wish which will be well received by    the charity.     Thank you.

Q: My Dog / Puppy needs regular medication can you administer this?

A: Yes we can administer medication as required. We have several regular clients whose dogs are unfortunately very unwell and we need to stick to a regular and complex medication regime.

Booking availability/Information:

Contact Us

Karina Hearn

Tel: 01494-771493.

Mobile: 07790 852351

E-mail - enquiry

Q: I want to book your services but cannot visit with my dog or puppy before they stay, can I book over the phone or online?

A: Sorry no. We always insist on meeting clients and their dogs or puppies before agreeing to anything. This allows us to assess your dog or puppy. More importantly it allows you to check us out too!

Q: I want to visit you with my dog or puppy for assessment when convenient; can I pay a deposit for you to hold my dates in the meantime until we meet?

A: Sorry no. Due to our popularity we operate on a STRICTLY first come basis this seems the fairest way. Until we meet and you have paid a deposit no dates can be held. Once we have met and we are happy with the dog(s) and you are happy with us then future advanced bookings can be made via telephone or e-mail.

Q: I want to book my dog or puppy with you for various training. Will my Dog or Puppy be completely trained when I get them back?

A: Training levels obtained rely on many things such as the amount of time the Dog or Puppy is with us, age, breed, owners approach etc so nothing can be completely guaranteed. However, the pass rate for UK Assistance Dogs is around 1 in 5 due to the very high standards required. To date ALL of our full term Dogs and Puppies have passed. This along with the many references we receive from very satisfied clients should tell you something!

Q: Can you help with behavioural problems?

A: In most cases yes, in fact this is something we specialise in. We are happy to offer advice and behaviour sessions. We believe that most dog’s behaviour problems can be rectified with the correct rehabilitation procedures being implemented; this includes showing the dog respect and love in helping it overcome its problem. Our superb success rate has been demonstrated by our Clients Comments and recommendations. It is of course important to correctly identify the under-lying problem in the first instance, and this is something many owners are not able to do correctly often reaching the wrong conclusion for their dogs behaviour. We will always listen and try to help, we have NEVER suggested to a client that a Dog should be put to sleep due to its behaviour, we have yet to meet a dog or its owners who    cannot be helped in one way or another.

Q: Will my Dog / Puppy be kept in a kennel?

A: Certainly not! We do not have any kennels, in fact our license prohibits the Puppy Dog Hotel from having any kennels on site. Your Dog /Puppy will stay with us in our home and be cared for and treated as though they were our own loved pet in a home from home environment. We always try and maintain the dog or puppy's normal routine, we want your dog or puppy to be happy during their holiday a Puppy Dog Hotel and feel like a member of our family. So some of our friends sleep in crates, some in the kitchen, hall-way and some in our bedroom, just like they do at their own home!

Q: Do I have to pay a deposit or in advance?

A: We require a 20% deposit to hold holiday dates, if you are visiting for assessment and the dates you

require are available you will able to pay the deposit then to secure the dates. Future telephone or e-mail bookings can be made and the dates will be held for a period of 10 days to enable you to make the deposit payment. Full payment to finally secure your dates must be made no later than 28 days prior to commencement your dates. If the deposit or final payment is not received within the allotted time periods your dates may be cancelled and offered to a third party, deposits and final payments are non-transferable and non-refundable in the event of cancellation. You should arrange your own insurance to cover any financial losses you may experience as a result of you having to cancel your dog(s)/puppy holiday/training at Puppy Dog Hotel.

We can accept payments in various ways: Bank Transfer, Cheque, Cash (Do not post), Debit or Credit card    via paypal.

Q: My Dog or Puppy has a set routine, like having a Gravy Bone as a treat at certain times of day. Can you maintain this?

A: Yes of course. We offer a first class personal service for all our clients and will stick to the Dog(s) or Puppies normal routine. Many of our guests like to have a treat during the day, whether this be an apple, organic carrot, banana, Dentastix or a Bonio, We are very happy to accommodate most reasonable requests!

Q: My Dog or Puppy will be due their routine fleas and worming treatments whilst we are away. Can you do this and what would it cost?

A: Yes we can administer any treatments or prescribed drugs to your Dog or Puppy whilst you are away. Providing you supply the required medication there is no further charge for this.

Q: It would be more convenient for us if you could collect and return our Dog or Puppy can you do this?

A: Yes we can, Puppy Dog Hotel often collect and deliver clients pets nationwide. Although we would have to have met you and your Dog or Puppy previously for an assessment, and you have had the opportunity to check us out too! We are insured to transport your Dog or Puppy along with all small domestic pets; Cats, Rabbits, Guinea-Pigs, Birds, Fish etc. We also collect and deliver pets for Bucks County Council. This service must be pre booked and a handling fee is payable along with a mileage charge and any waiting time involved. Mileage is for round trips.

Q: Although I know my dog or puppy is being well looked after I am simply going to miss them! Any suggestions?

A: We all miss our pets terribly when we are away whether it’s a few     days or for many weeks or months, this is quite natural and nothing to be embarrassed about! We can offer various options for clients. For those working away within the UK we can arrange a ‘Personal Visit’ by bringing the dog or puppy to your location anywhere within the UK Mainland for you to spend some time together. There are additional charges for this service. We will send you text and or e-mail updates and a photo every few days, we will also post some video (weather permitting) of your Dog or Puppy on You Tube for you to drool over, these services are offered FREE of charge. Finally you are always  welcome to telephone from  anywhere in the World   for a chat and update as many of our clients do, simply remember the       time difference!

Q: Will my Dog or Puppy be groomed when staying with you?

A: Yes. Dogs and Puppies are brushed at least once daily, in addition a coat conditioner is applied every few days unless the dog has an underlying skin condition that would prevent the conditioner being added. Grooming a dog or puppy regularly is very important as this allows us to check for things like grass seeds during summer for example, or any appearance of lumps or bumps etc. We can also offer a lovely pampering warm bath/shower, shampoo and coat conditioner* for you Dog or Puppy for a small fee. *Applies to Dogs or Puppies staying for boarding and not day/half day care. Besides, grooming the dog(s)/puppy allows us to   give it another hug!

Q: I am extremely disappointed you cannot fulfil the dates I require as you are already fully booked, is it still worth us visiting you for an assessment with our dog/puppy?

A: Yes, you would be very welcome. Once we have met and you have checked us out we are happy to take any future bookings by phone or e-mail. We can also advise you should we get a cancellation and a space suddenly becomes available. In addition once we have met and providing we have a space we can accept your dog(s)/puppy at very short notice in the event that you have an emergency, this may be something like a relative or friend has suddenly been taken ill or an unexpected business trip.

Q: I understand that the Puppy Dog Hotel will shortly be offering franchise opportunities across the U.K. can you let me know if a branch opens near me?

A: Yes of course you can Register Here. Puppy Dog Hotel will require that all franchisee's are fully licensed (Where required) and in any event will have to strictly adhere to the first class level of care and service that both we and our clients expect. Puppy Dog Hotel will require a rigorous process including full training that must be fully satisfied before we will consider offering any franchisee applicant a franchise. More details below.

Q: I have a query or question not covered on this page?

A: Simply give us a ring. We will try and help.

Q: Finally it seems like you have a fantastic job and lifestyle loving and caring for our wonderful canine friends. Is there any way I could do this?

A: Yes! Owning a Puppy Dog Hotel Franchise will also give you the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic lifestyle with the potential to make a good living too. No more being bossed about, sitting in traffic jams or relying on public transport. Puppy Dog Hotel Franchises are available across the UK and include full and ongoing training along with what we believe is the most comprehensive launch pack in the pet care industry.

So the potential earnings are in excess of:
1 Dog equals £10,000+ per annum

2 Dogs equals £21,000+ per annum

3 Dogs equals £33,000+ per annum.

So why not visit our dedicated Franchise Website to view the full opportunity of

owning your very own Puppy Dog Hotel, it may be the best decision you ever make.

The examples above are based on weekly boarding only, these figures can potentially be increased by offering additional services; training and home pet visit services.

Franchises Now Available Nationwide!

Q: I understand that you offer a Consummate VIP service, what are the main benefits of this?

A: *** Yes, we now currently offer a Consummate VIP space for            one guest only that can be tailored to your needs. The main            benefits of this exclusive premier service could include;

       These are just some of the benefits available. To see more visit Consummate VIP page.

      If you are interested in this exclusive Consummate VIP service for your beloved dog then please call         initially so that we can arrange a meeting to discuss you and your pets personal requirements.

Please remember this service is currently only available for ONE guest only.

Q: I have seen some lovely photos on your website, will I get a photo of my dog(s)?

A: Yes, we can put pictures on Facebook, Twitter or email for you and your family to enjoy whilst away (we know how much you miss your pet) as well as videos on YouTube of your dog/puppy having a great holiday. For dogs/puppies staying for more than 7 days our Nikon Professional User will aim to take a range of photos and we will also make a DVD of your dog/puppies holiday which will contain these pictures. There will be an option to purchase professionally printed copies of these photos in different formats if required. Please note both of these services are complimentary are not charged for and are not guaranteed as they    are dependent on weather conditions, equipment availability etc…

Q: Whether my dog/puppy stays with you or not, can I book your photographer?

A: Yes, our Photographer Michael Hearn who is a member of the RPS

(Royal Photographic Society) can be booked independently to capture those special photos for all occasions including; dogs, puppies & pets, family photos, landscapes, corporate, promotional, advertising, products, photos for websites/adverts, portfolios, special occasions, events and parties. All commissions considered worldwide. Visit our dedicated Photography Website  or Flickr page regularly to see new images being posted or to find out more    details on booking this service. Advanced booking normally required.

Puppy Dog Hotel is accredited by: Chiltern District Council, Pet Industry Federation, Several veterinary Practices across The Home Counties and London, Chiltern Chamber and Buckinghamshire Business First.

Puppy Dog Hotel is accredited by: Chiltern District Council, Pet Industry Federation, Several veterinary Practices across The Home Counties and London, Chiltern Chamber and Buckinghamshire Business First.


Q: Beware, Check Phone Numbers!

     A: Always check if the person/business you

 are leaving your dog/puppy with has both a landline and mobile numbers. Most businesses would normally have both so that they can be contacted in the event of emergency. Business that only offer a mobile number should be thoroughly checked and you are satisfied that they are offering a true ‘Home boarding’ service. Anyone offering only a mobile number may be because most of the times they are not at home to answer the phone or look after your dog/puppy as you have entrusted them to do!

 We have heard of dogs being left alone for very long periods (This is   

contrary to licensing regulations) whilst the boarder is out walking other dogs, going on prolonged shopping trips and we have even heard of a boarder who had a full time job and was simply leaving the dogs/puppies in crates during the day! Unless we are out walking our guests normally there is always someone here with our guests, when we do dog/puppy walks or home pet visits one of us is always here caring for our guests as you would expect. Remember it is easy to only list/give a mobile number, most of us have this with us at all times, even if we are out walking other dogs/puppies, shopping or even if we went to work!!! Be careful and check, it may save you and your dog/puppy   much heartache and don’t be fobbed off with excuses, you and your dog may regret it, most genuine reliable business have a landline and             mobile.